Film Friday: Joy

Joy’s family life is none too ordinary. Her ex-husband and father both live in the basement of her house, while her mother lies on her bed all day and saturates herself in soap operas. Her grandmother though has always believed in Joy, believes she has great gifts and great potential. Ever since she was a little girl Joy has been inventive, and when she cuts herself mopping up glass one day she gets an idea for a very different kind of mop. She persuades her father’s girlfriend to invest good money and then takes her new wonder mop onto the streets

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However, when she can’t persuade folks to buy her product on the street, she does not give up. Instead she goes to a TV company who like her mop and try to dress her up in a certain way in order to sell it.

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At one point in this movie we hear the line – ‘When you’re hiding you’re safe. Because people can’t see you. But the funny thing about hiding is that you are even hidden from yourself.’ Joy has spent years burying the inventive, creative person that she is, now at last she has a chance to unleash herself on the world. It’s not easy, there are plenty of knock backs, but if she is going to succeed then she must be herself. She won’t hide.

Jesus was nothing if not inventive, unique and true to himself. Many people tried to steer him, to coerce him into going their way. His enemies tried to trick him, laying traps for him and offering him supposedly friendly advice at times; his friends tried to impose their own agendas. Even his family tried to engineer his movements. But Jesus would have none of it, like Joy he faced many knock backs, every day he faced conflict and misunderstanding. Sometimes outright aggression and threats. But he found strength from time alone with his father, and had built up reserves in his time in the wilderness. He knew where he was going and why, and though he had moments of struggle, he set himself on course and kept getting back up when they knocked him down.

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