Monday Rewrite: Going Down in History

A small group of disciples come to Jesus in Bethany with a question.
Peter – Lord, we wanted to ask you something.
Jesus – Yes?
Peter – Well you know just now you said that Mary will always be remembered for pouring that really expensive perfume on you and making a bit of a stink?
Jesus – You mean the way she honoured me and prepared me for the next few days?
Peter – Er yes… sort of.
Jesus – Yes, she’ll always be remembered and honoured for that. What about it?
Peter – Well you know you said people will always be talking about it?
Jesus – Yes.
Peter – Well we were just wondering…
Jesus – Yes?
Peter – Well er…so… what about me? Lord, what will I be remembered for?
Jesus – Ah Peter – so many things.
Peter – Really. Wow! Like what?
Jesus – Oh you know – sinking in water, cutting off the wrong ear, trying to steer me in the wrong direction…
Peter – Oh!
Thomas – What about me Lord? What will I be remembered for?
Jesus – Oh dear… Thomas, well… you see… er…
Another disciple cut in then and said – And me Lord? Will I go down in history?
Jesus looked at the last of the three and said quietly – Ah Judas. Yes, you will. Certainly.
Judas – Great! What for?
Jesus – Hmmm. Well, now, how can I put this?

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