Wednesday Riff: There

I was there at the start when everything began
When the lights first came on and breath came into man.
I was with you in the days that followed on from there
As things began to drift, with rebellion in the air.

I was there when the first brother killed the other one
When the stain of violence soiled the world, so much good undone.
I was there in every battle, meeting those on every side
Befriending anyone who’d notice as I crossed the great divide.

I’ve been there in the peace, in the failure and success
In the hopes and dreams and crashes, every mire every mess.
But I’ve never been there more than on the day of Roman death
When they took me, beat and nailed me, and stole my final breath.

And there in that garden, when the tomb was cracked in two
When faithful women looked for me and wondered what to do.
When life was reinvented and resurrection filled the air
The sign that I would never leave… that I would, yes… be always there.

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