Monday Rewrite: Any Way You Can

The builder stopped his working,
Looked towards the pregnant sky,
As if somebody were calling,
As if God was saying, ‘Hi’.

He took his travelling coat
Towards his cousin’s cleansing sea.
Glimpsed pain and wonder as he walked
The way of folks like you and me.

The builder took the plunge and fell
Beneath that sea of blessing,
A dove flew down and brushed his head,
The hand of God caressing.

Inspired he chose a different way,
Adventure, desert, glory.
Dangerous roads that led to life,
And Hope’s salvation story.

The winding way led to a cross
As he rescued folks from sin,
Others walked that way with him,
But fled when night closed in.

When all was lost some women came
To say a last farewell,
But he was back and smiling there,
His grave an empty shell.

And having broken every chain
And shattered every lie,
Forty days went spinning past
And then he said goodbye.

Bequeathing them his spirit
And a fragile master plan:
‘Be my hands, my feet, my smile,
In any way you can.’

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