Wednesday Riff: PTL

Praise the Lord!
Praise Him in the streets and the city
Praise him in the towns and the villages
Praise him in the pubs and the churches
In the sports stadiums and back gardens
Praise him in the lounge and the kitchen
In the bathroom and the hallway
Praise him when the sun shines and when the rain falls
Praise him with a smile and with tears
In the mountains and the valleys and the plains in between
Praise him with your own voice, in your own way
Praise him with half a breath or a lungful of shouting
Sitting still or running a marathon
Praise him with a simple lifting of your eyes
Or with an ear splitting roar
With a shout of praise or a cry of anguish
With a whispered plea or a gentle smile
Praise him with words, thoughts, songs and actions
In your work, leisure, competition, kindness, service and sacrifices
Praise him with the small things and the great
Praise him as you help others
Praise him in those unseen things you do
Praise him as you do what you do best
And by doing the difficult things
Praise him.

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