Monday Rewrite: Going Viral

Peter takes a step back, can’t quite believe his eyes. He hears himself speaking, inviting them all to find hope in Jesus, but the very words blow his own mind. It’s really happening, that old vision of Isaiah. People from all over, receiving blessings from God. He recalls that story he was told as a child, that Tower of Babel, and the people scattered when they tried to reach the heavens under their own steam. Now the heavens have come to them, God has reached down, and the scattering of Babel is being reversed. He clears his throat. What will it mean? The message of Jesus spreading far and wide, going viral? Peter and his friends will lose control, other cultures will shape it. He can feel the message slipping through his fingers like a bar of soap. ‘You will be my witnesses,’ Jesus had said, ‘to the ends of the earth.’ They had nodded when he told them, made the right kind of noises, but he doubted that any of them really grasped the implications. Now it’s beginning. Before long there will be followers all over the globe. People that Peter and his mates will never know. This thing is mushrooming, right before his eyes. ‘Repent,’ Jesus had said three years ago, ‘the kingdom is near, change the way you think.’ Well, Peter’s starting to see why.

Isaiah 56 vv 1-8, Acts 2 vv 1-12

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