Monday Rewrite: Quiet Time

It’s quiet. Too quiet. He listens, strains, does his best to tune in. His ears are still ringing from that colossal crack of thunder and the rumbling of that earth-jangling storm. It’s the oddest thing. He knows the nature of God, he knows the tales of Sinai. God arrives with thunder and smoke, the earth trembles and the skies roar. Normally. Yet the dramatic weather today was strangely empty. Like a fanfare announcing the arrival of a king… and then the stage was left empty. The king is somewhere else. Still on his way perhaps. So he waits, he listens, tries to refocus his vision. And then he catches it. A space, a gap. A moment like no other. A divine pause, and a fragile whisper. He begin to recognise the voice.
‘Elijah, what are you doing in this cave? What is there here for you?’
‘Lord, I’ve laid everything on the line for you, and instead of revival there’s chaos. I’m gonna die! Where were you when I needed you?’
‘Elijah, I ask again, what is here for you?’
‘What do you mean? I’ve laid everything on the line for you, and instead of revival there’s chaos…’
‘Elijah. Be still… be still. I am here for you.’
‘Be still Elijah, and know that. Calm yourself. I know your troubles and your battles.’
Elijah opens his mouth then thinks better of it.
God has arrived. In a totally unexpected way. Elijah realises he’d better take note.

1 Kings 19 vv 1-15

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