Wednesday Riff: The Way

I Am the way…
The guide
The one spoken about in ancient times
The boy born, the son given
The new shoot in the dead stump
I Am the way…
The teacher, the guide, the friend
The one who‘s there encouraging you to turn and take a fresh start
Showing you how to live, walk, persevere, climb, pause… and carry on
I Am the way…
That line in the crease on the map
The winding road through the difficult places
Through the dry days of life, the wasteland strewn with last year’s litter
I Am the way…
The one with the lamp
Leading you out of darkness, towards the bright highway of hope
A path to freedom, to this place where chains are a distant memory
I Am the way…
The one who has walked this narrow road under the weight of a cross
The one to follow.

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