Monday Rewrite: A Fool and His Money

‘He’s a lonely old fool, but being a fool he doesn’t recognise the fact. Figures that another barn or two will satisfy his longings, make him happy. Just that morning he read about old Nabal, that fool who wouldn’t share what he had with that reckless vagabond David. That idiot Nabal died of over-partying. Self-indulgence. Well he won’t be caught out like that. He’ll play it safe, God’s blessed him with an extravagant harvest so he’ll store it up safe, and it’ll see him into a nice safe future. He pats his ample stomach, nods as he mumbles to himself. He pulls out his mobile and searches for the builder’s number. Brushes a few specks of dirt off his manicured hands. He’ll call in a couple of teams, get some sturdy construction work done. Pay over the odds for the best firm. Decent buildings with hefty locks on the doors. No point taking risks. Others might notice his new storage barns and decide they’d like a share. There are some desperate characters round here, who haven’t invested in the future. Idle layabouts who might be tempted to do a David and come begging for hand-out. Well that’s not going to happen. He’ll make sure his hefty crop is safe and secure. Then he’ll put his feet up and take it easy, happy in the knowledge that he’s taken care of himself.’
Jesus surveys the crowd for moment, then looks back at the man who questioned him. ‘So, what do you think?’ says Jesus, ‘Will he be happy? Or will he, like Nabal, be ruined by his bad judgment and selfish decisions? What do you think? I’m interested to know. What makes someone rich?’

Based on Luke 12 vv 13-21 and 1 Samuel 25 vv 1-12 & 36-38

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