Monday Rewrite: Random Acts

I have a pocket book by Danny Wallace called Random Acts of Kindness. It features 365 ways to make the world a better place by being kind (and random quite often!) Danny Wallace created it because he placed a newspaper advert and invited people to ‘join him’. When thousands did he had to invent something for them to join! So he invented the cult of being kind. The book lists their happenings, and contains suggestions like – Leave a jar of jam on someone’s doorstep before breakfast. Hail a cab and when it stops give the driver a packet of peanuts. Wave at a baby. Compliment a bus driver on his driving. Sign a petition. Wait outside a hairdressers and compliment someone on their hair as they come out. Buy a packet of crisps for a nearby table in the pub. Make someone’s day.
Revisiting it recently made me wonder what Jesus’s pocket book of Random Acts of Kindness might look like..
Here are a few possible entries:

  • Walk on water and invite your friends to have a go.
  • Challenge some folks who take themselves too seriously.
  • Lay on dinner for a few thousand people.
  • Big up someone who everyone else puts down.
  • Pay someone’s tax bill with money from a fish’s mouth.
  • Wash the muck off the feet of your friends. (Whether they like it or not)
  • Bring dignity to the undignified.
  • Rescue a woman from a group of hard-hearted men.
  • Tell a funny story with a surprise ending about how kind God is.
  • Amaze your mates by walking through a locked door.
  • Surprise a friend by coming back from the dead.
  • Die for everyone.

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