Wednesday Riff: Keep On Running

Since we are surrounded by such a great crowd of witnesses,
Those heroes of the faith who have gone before,
Let us lay aside anything that hinders our progress,
And let us keep on running the race that is set before us.
Like athletes preparing for the competition of our lives,
Doing our best to train when the going is not easy,
Building up stamina and dedication.
Investing time and resources in the spiritual gym,
Little by little, day by day.
With the weights of worship,
The push-ups of prayer,
The bench presses of the Bible,
And the stretches of serving others.
Preparing, developing, nurturing for the future,
Aware that the God of the universe sees the energy we expend.
Sweating and toiling for him,
Caring for his world and his people,
Praying, listening, sharing our gifts.
Drawing on our strengths and weaknesses,
Our experiences and personalities,
Our good days and our bad ones.
And as we go, may we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
On whom our faith depends from beginning to end.

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