Film Friday Classic: Bagdad Cafe

Sometimes transformation comes at an unexpected time through an unexpected source.
When Jasmin argues with her husband, she leaves him and shows up at a cafe and hotel in the desert looking for a place to stay. The place is run by Brenda, who has had her own bust up with her husband and is living on a short fuse. She runs the dusty and desolate place with no aspirations at all. So Jasmin decides something, she will buck the trend and brighten things up. While Brenda is out one day she goes into her office and clears out much dust and clutter, then she starts working at the cafe and entertaining the few punters with her skills as a magician. Little by little word starts to spread, and the cafe begins to come back to life…

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At a time of oppression and difficulty, when the nation is longing for a powerful hero to ride into town and rescue them, a couple shuffle into a bustling temple with a tiny baby. Everyone else is looking the other way, busy keeping things going, busy with their own agendas. Only two people spot the baby, Simeon and Anna, and only these two notice that transformation has begun.

Thirty years later and the baby has grown up. An ex-carpenter walks into town with a message. ‘Get ready, change your way of thinking, because the kingdom of God is coming.’ The town is a dusty backwater, a place with few aspirations, and no one expects change to come from this shadowy, marginalised corner. But it does. Soon words begins to spread about the nature of the ex-carpenter, and the surprising changes he is bringing. Hope is in the air, things are changing, life may never be the same again.

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