Monday Rewrite: My Love

A reading about the nature of the love of God.
Music composed and performed by Simeon Wood,
narrative read by Glen Kefford, written by Dave Hopwood.

My Lord, who are you? Can you help me?
Can I learn to trust you?
How can I know you, how do I recognise you?
Help me, dear Lord, help me to know just who you are…

My child, it is through my love that you will know me, and recognise me.
My love, that is so strong – like the crashing of the waves;
the might of the ocean; and the power of the wind.
For my love is a flickering candle, to lead you on down darkened pathways.
It is a roaring fire, to stir and warm your heart,
and a dancing flame to capture your imagination.

My love is a whisper – a shout – a song from the heart,
and a cry of the soul.
It is a voice in the night, and the silence between two friends.
It fears nothing.

No man; no woman; no nation; no country.
Neither darkness nor light, suffering nor pain.
My love will bear them all, and still stand firm and fruitful.

My love is for the small things:
for the helpless; the lonely and lost;
the rejected and the refugee; the frustrated and inadequate.
My love sees and embraces them all.
It never rejects the worst, and always hopes for the best.
It is in the joy of a new day, and the despair of a lonely night.

My love is weak, broken and bruised, it feels as you often feel.
For my love is nailed to a cross, pinned on a darkened skyline.
It is a shroud in a borrowed tomb, and tears on a Friday night.
Hope beyond despair, reality from the impossible: it is life after death.
My child, my love is – because I am.
And you will know me – because my love is for you.

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