Film Friday: A Street Cat Named Bob

James is homeless, an addict and a street busker, when his life hits rock bottom he gets help from Val who finds him a home and gets him off the street and onto methadone. James is overwhelmed to find himself with his own four walls, but soon finds his new home invaded, by a cat who won’t go away. He continues to tell folks that Bob is not his, yet increasingly the two become street buddies and Bob begins to attract his own fan club and following. This has an effect on James too. People now treat him differently.

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There are many examples of people caring in this film. James cares for Bob, sacrificing his very precious money in order to pay vet’s bills. Val cares about James and does what she can to help him start a new life. Her love is tough love too, she tells him straight what it takes to come off methadone and won’t let him try this until she is sure he is ready. Other folks start to show an interest in James and Bob, and both their lives improve as people notice them and treat them differently.

‘Love makes the world go around,’ is an old song lyric. ‘Put a little love in your heart,’ is another one. Both are clichés and yet both so true. Love, not the ‘I love Mars Bars’ kind, but the kind that reaches out and offers a smile, a hand, friendship, the money for someone else to feed themselves, the means for another to change their life, a listening ear, a little respect, some precious time. This kind of love has the power to radically changes lives. So many people, affected by the love of God expressed at Christmas, offer this kind of love to others. The kind of caring that took James out of the gutter and set his life on a whole new course. A Street Cat Named Bob is a film full of heart, it shows that life can be very difficult, but it also reminds us that caring is the currency that can change things. Small caring and bigger caring. And what’s more, this is a true story.

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