Film Friday: Interstellar

The earth is in trouble. It’s 2060 and the planet’s resources are battered and depleted. So Coop and his team are sent into space to nip down a worm hole in search of a whole new planet to inhabit. However, the mission goes wrong, and the further they head out into space, the slower time moves. As they age by hours and days, their relatives back home are moving on in years. When Coop returns from a mission to see collected messages from his family, he discovers they are now grown with their own families.

Coop’s daughter Murph is now the age he was when Coop left the earth and she longs for him to come home. In earth time he has been gone for years, and she wants him back. She has been waiting a long time to see him.
One of the great gifts of heaven will be, I believe, no time. There will be no clocks ticking, nothing to look back on with regret, no reason to look forward and worry. No wrestling to appreciate the precious moment. There will just be the now. No goodbyes, no ageing, no wearing out. When God created the world there was no time, his dimension, what we call the kingdom of God, stands outside of the fourth dimension. Which is why he knows both the future and the past, to him there is no distance between them, he can view both at the same time.

It’s hard for us to imagine this, we live in the realm of time, and we talk of wasting time, spending time, losing time or marking time. One day there will be none of that. Every day will be the time of our lives, even though there will be no actual days!
Advent highlights the waiting times of our lives. The moments, weeks, months, years, when we long for things to come right. Ultimately in the coming of Jesus and the kingdom of God. There are many moments of waiting in the Bible. Jacob waited seven years to marry his beloved Rachel. Joseph waited 2 years in prison before freedom and justice came knocking. Jesus waited 30 years before beginning the mission that had been steadily growing inside of him in Nazareth. Waiting is not trendy, we live in an age of speed, but sometimes (though not always) waiting changes and shapes us for the good. I guess that’s something of what we celebrate in Advent.
To close here is a video about the waiting times in our lives.

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