Monday Rewrite: Becoming Flesh (3)

Final part of this 3 part reflection.

For part 2 click here.

Swaying, so much swaying, he feels a bit strange. A little queasy.
The movement goes on, and it’s not the same, but it won’t let up.
It’s not like before, not as if she were moving like she normally does.
And there’s another sound too.
Rhythmic, but a different pitch, clop clop, not like her steps, like something else.
As if some other being were travelling with her.
Perhaps that’s what the strange swaying is all about.
It goes on. And on. This journey is not short.
At times she gasps and he feels a pressure, as if she is trying to hold him, support him.
Like a big version of his own little perfect hand. Trying to reach inside that amniotic sea and steady his boat.
The other voice is there too.
The one he has grown to know well.
Not angry, but serious, concerned, hurrying.
Other voices come and go, and other clop clopping sounds too.
And then everything stops.
And for a while nothing much.
Then something squeezes him, and he hears her gasp.
More squeezing, more gasping.
He sways as she changes position.
The other voice is talking a lot now.
More squeezing and the sounds are growing louder.
What’s going on?
He is moving, the sea he’s been sailing is disappearing.
Something is gripping him very tightly indeed.
Ouch! A bright light. Very bright. Really bright.
And loud noises.
The voices boom at him.
He feels something tugging at him, feels a strange coldness on his skin.
Where’s the sea gone? Where’s his boat and the world he knew?
He opens his eyes wide, then his mouth.
And he lets out a huge yowl!
And he sees other mouths and eyes, not yowling.
And tears.
Water running down these strange big faces.
Where’s his cosy world gone? Where is it?
Oh that’s better, large hands bundle him into big strips of something.
He’s warm again and he feels the press of soft safe skin against him.
This is so different. Why didn’t they warn him?
It’s big out here. It’s bright. So bright.
These faces look funny.
But he thinks they like him.
They make a lot noise, but it’s all right, he knows those voices.
It’s going to be all right.
He looks up, there is darkness out there, a huge canvass with a big light in the middle, shining down.
His memories of making that world are fading now by the second.
Everything smells funny, it’s a new life.

For part 2 click here.

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