Monday Rewrite: Interactive Nativity

An Interactive version of the Nativity, including carols to be sung between the verses. Could be done in a service or assembly, or outside, or in a real life barn. Feel free to adapt or adjust as useful.

Crowd responses (teach the audience these before telling the story):
Walk – Say ‘Tramp, tramp tramp’ and make footsteps
Camel/s – Make camel noise
Tired/Tiring – Wipe brow and blow out cheeks and wave song sheets at face
Star – Mime opening a telescope or roll up song sheet and look up at star
Angel – Flap wings and make a big smile
Shepherds/Flocks – Make sheep noises, and then mime chewing
Stable – ‘Brrrr!’ rub hands, as if cold
Wise Men – ‘Hmm’ stroke chin and look wise
Shocked – Make a big shocked face
Map – Look at song sheet and turn it round and round as if lost, scratch head, look perplexed

Possible Cameos (you could get one or two folks to simply act out these parts) – Mary and Joe and baby, Shepherds, Wise Men, Angels, Inn Keeper and wife


Mary saw an angel
Who promised a baby to her and (her boyfriend) Joe.
Then they had to walk to Bethlehem,
It was a long and tiring way to go.

They had to walk a hundred miles,
They got very tired on the way,
And when they got to Bethlehem
They needed a place to stay.

Carol: O Little Town of Bethlehem

They knocked on the door of an inn, (make a knocking sound)
But the innkeeper and his wife said ‘No. Sorry!’ (Innkeeper and wife wave look sad and shake heads)
So they walked around to a stable,
And there tired Mary had her baby. (Mary and Joe hold baby and wave)

The stable was quite smelly,
It was quite crowded too.
With some sheep and one or two cows (moo!)
And a few large piles of poo!!!

Carol: Away in a Manger

Outside in the fields on the hills
Some shepherds were out with their flocks,
They heard angels singing in the sky
And they were very shocked.

Carol: While Shepherds or Hark the Herald

Later on some rich folks,
On camels came riding through,
They didn’t use a map, they followed a star.
They were wise men – and their camels were quite clever too.

Carol: We Three Kings

The shepherds and the wise men
Knelt by the baby and worshipped him.
They could see that in this stable,
They had found a brand new king,
Who would grow up and change everything.

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