Wednesday Riff: Something Real

As Jesus ventured down the high street alone,
He studied the posters of rocks and stones.
‘These make nourishing meals,’ the straplines read.
But Jesus spoke quietly to himself and said,
‘No. People need so much more.’
And he took a selfie and tacked it on a nearby door.

He walked on and passed a Holy board
‘If you want to be rich, then ask the Lord.’
‘Try the test,’ the strapline read,
But Jesus spoke quietly and shook his head.
‘People need more than empty zeal.’
‘They need something genuine, something real.’

As he walked on he came to a huge digital screen,
Offering the planet, vast, blue and green.
‘Be masters of this,’ the strapline read.
But Jesus spoke quietly to himself and said,
‘No. It’s a lonely planet and people get lost.’
And he tacked a photo, signed with a cross.

As he turned a corner his phone beeped at him.
Offered him a free month’s pass at the gym.
‘Your body’s a temple,’ the advert read,
‘Worship it well.’ But Jesus said,
‘No, serving God, that’s the heart of praise.’
So he pressed delete and walked for 40 days.

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