Monday Rewrite: Disciple

Life recently took a whole new turn for the better. I’d been drifting, stagnating, doing things I shouldn’t. Milling around in dark corners. Then I heard about him. He’s transforming things they said, there were mutterings about hope, whispers about change. So I started hanging around on the edge of his crowd. Not for long though, he spotted me, he doesn’t miss much. He looked me straight in the eyes, and he smiled. ‘Follow me,’ he said. So I did. And I already feel different. Oh, I clash with some of the others at times, but don’t we all. It’s worth it, he’s worth it. I’ve done things I shouldn’t in the past, and he’s giving me a new start. Talks a lot about change and forgiveness. I’ve seen it work with lots of others. I know it can be the same for me. It’s early days but he’s given me a vision for the future, it’s all going to be different. I’m going to be different. Who’d have thought that, a renegade like me? But I can be better.

I worry though. Sometimes he looks at me with a strange look in his eyes, I don’t understand it. Is it just me? Am I imagining it? Does he look at the others like that? I see pain there, as if we’re all heading for trouble. But I can’t believe that. He’s too powerful for that. When I was young my dad used to warn me I was heading for catastrophe if I carried on as I was, that’s what his looks make me think about. But that doesn’t make sense. Because with him I’m changing, I’m reforming, I’m going to be different.

Just so long as he doesn’t put me down in front of the others. I hate that sort of thing. My dad used to do that. I don’t want any more of that. Just so long as we treat each other well it’ll be okay. He’s a good leader. Together we can make Israel great again. I’ve got a good idea about how we can do that too. Got plenty of my own plans. Just need to bring him in on the picture at some point. Not sure about some of the others, Thomas is a bit flaky if you ask me. But we can do it. He handpicked me with the others, so he believes in me, and I believe in him. ‘Judas,’ he said, ‘follow me.’ And that’s what I’m doing.

(John chapter 6 verses 68-71)

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