Wednesday Riff: Prayer and Time

Mixing Cement
They kneel and pray,
In their minds they’re mixing cement.
Sometimes silent,
Sometimes pleading,
Sometimes grateful,
Sometimes needing.
Reminding themselves,
Quietening themselves,
Stilling themselves,
Strengthening themselves.
Waiting, questioning,
Believing, listening,
Doubting, wondering.
Sensing the quickening of God
As they wait and pray; and mix.
Not able to dictate or direct,
What should happen to it,
But sure that they need to mix that cement
So the Divine Builder can do his work.

Psalm 127

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The Big Picture
He stands and looks and absorbs every detail,
As an observer might appreciate a masterpiece in a gallery.
Studies the millions of people in the frame.
Moving from a to b, left to right, back to front.
Held in the embrace of space and time.
These precious individuals,
Vast in number, caught in a moment,
Looking back, looking forward.
Resenting, regretting, relishing the past.
Fearing, dreading, grasping the future.
Hoping, praying, looking and longing.
He stands and looks and understands.
Free of the constraints of the picture.
Seeing all, not caught in any moment,
Yet perceiving, comprehending,
Having walked that human way.
Having once stepped into the shoes of those caught in time.

Revelation 4 v 8

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