Wednesday Riff: Transformation

Drawing on John chapter 4, and a Samaritan woman at a well…

The people stare.
They can’t quite believe it.
Is it really happening?
This woman, the talk of the town,
The one they love to gossip about,
Is she really standing here now?
No sign of embarrassment,
Loudly announcing that she’s met someone
Who knows all about her past,
And she’s happy about it?
More than happy, celebratory!
This woman who used to skulk to the well in the heat,
After everyone else had gone home,
So she could avoid them all.
Now here she is smiling,
Different, changed.
Somehow free.
The poison removed.
The folks look at one another.
There might be something in this.
Quick, let’s go and see this ‘someone’,
What might he know about us?
What other transformation might he bring?
What other poison could he remove?
Come on…

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