Monday Rewrite: Dreaming of You

(Inspired by a poem from Never Mind the Reversing Ducks by Adrian Plass)

On the seventh day, that day of well-earned rest,
Did you close your eyes and melt into dreams of us?
Did you see the faces and the lives, the hopes and histories?
Hear the words and songs and cries of future generations?
Feel the thump of footsteps, of flight and celebration?
Those millions of lives glistening like stars and grains of sand.
Did you dream tenderly of the things we would do?
The laughter and the wonder,
The mistakes and the fear.
The things we would build,
The things we would tear down.
The people we would love, and hate
Those we would embrace, and judge.
As time slowed in that slumberland of night
Were you able to catch sight of us all?
To hear the billions of voices,
The whispers, sighs, screams and shouts.
And recognise each one, waiting for future times
When you would enter this world,
Hoping that we would enter yours,
And invite you into ours.
Did you dream of the numberless crowd
Gathered at the foot of your cross.
Hope in their hands, hearts and heads?
Did you see me writing this?
Did you dream of the one reading this now?
Dreaming of us, as we dare dream of you.

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