Monday Rewrite: Running

Will he run?
He stares at the river, the river he just crossed with his family, the river he just crossed a second time to return to this spot alone.
Having left them.
Back and forth. Back and forth. Not only in the flesh, but in his head too.
Back and forth, back and forth.

He really could run now.
Escape his brother and that potentially deadly confrontation.
Melt into the night.
Start again.
A free man, a single man.

Yet deep within himself he knows.
It wouldn’t be long before he found himself by another river, wrestling with himself.
The same old battles, the same old temptations.
Something’s got to change.
Something within him.
But how?
A footstep.
A figure.
Stepping out of the darkness.
A godly stranger with a wrestling look in his narrowed eye.
You want to be different Jacob, the look seems to say, let’s talk, and let’s wrestle while we do it.

[Based on Genesis 23 vv 22-31]

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