Wednesday Riff: Choosing Sides

We stand on the touch line of life, and we choose our sides.
Paul or Apollos. This side or that.
We pick the best, the winning team.
The spiritual giants, this year’s heroes.
Yet we all participate.
We are all players, we’re all ‘heroes’.
A single body, a single team, a single purpose.
One person plants the seed, another waters it.
One person is the voice, another the smile.
One is the ear, another the eye.
One is powerful, another gentle.
One listens, another speaks.
One smiles, another advises.
One guides, another challenges.
One is loud, another quiet.
Each of us with our set of strengths, and weaknesses.
Our experiences and personalities.
One team, one captain.
His name is Jesus, his way is humble, his call is simple.
‘Follow me, learn from me, and let us grow together.’
For we are God’s people, God’s servants, God’s own.
Working for his kingdom, his manifesto, his life here on earth.

(1 Corinthians 3 vv 4-9)

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