Another Mother’s Son

When Louise Gould, living on occupied Jersey during World War Two, is asked to hide an escaped Russian prisoner, she eventually agrees. After her initial fear and reluctance she goes to great lengths to hide and protect him. She gets him a forged ID card and teaches him English. He practically becomes part of the family. However, German suspicions arise and she is picked up for questioning.

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Louise and her sister show great courage in the face of great danger and this film celebrates their dedication and bravery. In times of conflict and great difficulty women have often been the unsung heroes. In times of war they are sometimes able to do things that the men cannot. When Jesus was murdered and his followers were under suspicion, it was the women who stuck their necks out and followed the whole terrible story, going all the way to the scene of the execution, and then visiting the grave of Jesus with embalming oils.

The Bible is full of dedicated women like Louise, who take risks and demonstrate determination and practical faith. When a couple of spies snuck into Jericho to suss out the situation, it was a prostitute called Rahab who stuck her neck out, hid them from the authorities and covered their tracks when the enemy soldiers came calling. In a tense scene in Joshua chapter 2 she conceals the men in on the roof of her house and lies to the men who come searching. She was rewarded for her bravery, protected during the following battle, and eventually honoured in the book of Hebrews, being listed amongst the heroes of faith. (Hebrews 11 v 31) Not only that but she went on to be the mother of Boaz, and as such is related to Jesus himself. In the early church many women played a vital role, which has continued down the centuries and no doubt many of us reading this today, have been helped, strengthened and encouraged by women of courage, faith and commitment. To end, a short film in which cyclist Mark Beaumont reflects on the people who have influenced him, and he begins with the women who have shaped his life…

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