Wednesday Riff: Valued & Called

Abraham was 75 when he followed God’s call,
And took a step into the unknown.
Anna was 84 when she spotted the baby Jesus,
In a temple distracted by busyness.
Moses was 80 when he approached a fire,
And was called to set people free.
Naomi was weary and disappointed, and on her last legs,
When she and Ruth began a new life.
Simeon had been around the block many times,
When he held that child and looked into the eyes of his saviour.

Saints who had seen a thing or two,
Followers who had learnt from life,
Disciples who knew the cost of dedication,
Folks who wore the badges and scars of maturity.
God spoke to them all, loved them all,
Valued and called them all.
Chose them and invited them
To do what only they could do.

As he calls us today.
With our badges and scars,
As his very special children,
To follow and to do
What only we can do.

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