Wednesday Riff: 3/1

In the beginning,
When all was not as it is now;
In the darkness,
When light was just a twinkle in the Creator’s eye;
In the past,
When history was waiting to be born;
A new day dawned.

A day when the Creator shaped the universe
By the power of his living word,
And the breath of his live-giving spirit.
He spoke and called forth life,
He breathed and his spirit hovered over the waters,
He took dust and formed the foundations.
Creator, Word, Spirit.

The Holy Community,
Working, living, being as one,
Harmonised in love and purpose,
Shaping, forming, gifting light and life.
Before time, throughout time, when time has run its course.
Days without number, life without end.
Love without limit.

Three and one, above us, beyond us, beside us, within.
Mysterious and majestic
Humble and holy,
Creative and kind.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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