Monday Rewrite: Getting It Wrong Again

Jesus: Well, you made a mess of that, didn’t you?

Peter: What?

Jesus: Yesterday, bit of a shambles wasn’t it?

Peter: What? You mean sinking when I tried to walk on water?

Jesus: Yes, and trying to get rid of that huge crowd instead of feeding them. And then later in the boat, when I was trying to tell you about the Pharisees, you got it all wrong again and thought I was having a go at you about lack of food – forgetting how much I was able to provide for everyone.

Peter: So it’s all over then? Is that why we’re having this chat? I’ve failed too many times? Failed the ‘being a brilliant disciple test’?

Jesus laughs.

Jesus: Of course not! Peter you’re daft. What did I say to you when I met you on the shore that day?

Peter: Can I borrow your boat?

Jesus: Well, yes, that’s true. That was a bit of plan you know, I knew you’d have to sit in the boat rowing for me whilst I taught the crowds, I wanted you to hear what I had to say about life. But that’s not what I mean, what else did I say?

Peter: Throw your nets over the other side?

Jesus: Well, yes that’s true as well, I wanted to see how you’d react.

Peter: I was amazed – you know that. How could a poor rabbi know there was a load of fish down there, in the wrong place at the wrong time of day? And then still give it away to me – not keep it for himself! Couldn’t believe how generous you were.

Jesus: All part of the plan Peter, trying to encourage you to give up fishing for a while and follow me. That’s why I gave you so much free food, so you could feed your family whilst you were out on the road with me. But that’s still not what I mean. I said to you – follow me. That means coming along with me, learning, falling on your face, sinking in the water, getting it wrong about feeding 5000 people. Learning as you go. It’s not about getting it right, it’s about walking the roads I’m walking. I’ve called you, I want you here with me, I won’t reject you. I just want you to keep going, in spite of the mistakes. Don’t give up.

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