Wednesday Riff: Confession – Creation Groans

When sadness triumphs over joy,
When darkness threatens to put out the light,
Creation groans.
When fear knocks at our door,
When despair threatens to destroy our hope,
Creation groans.
When we hurt each other,
When our words pull down rather than building up,
Creation groans.
When our actions do not speak of the love of God,
When our lives fail to reflect the life of the Creator,
Creation groans.
We long for the day when creation is restored,
And creation’s groaning comes to an end,
When there will be no more sadness, darkness, fear or despair,
When our lives will speak of you and we see you face to face.
Until then Lord,
Please forgive us, strengthen us and help us
To live a little more for you,
And to care for your creation today and in the days ahead.

[Based on Romans 8 v 22]

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