Film Friday: Spiderman – Homecoming

15 year old Peter Parker is not all he seems. He’s on a steep learning curve as he attempts to fulfil his destiny as Spiderman. After one attempt at a mission he arrives back home to find an unexpected visitor…

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Peter is young and hopeful, he is desperate to make his mark and join the team of Avengers so that he can help save the world. However, along the way he makes a fistful of blunders.

It’s thought that some of the disciples were quite young, especially John, who wrote his gospel some time around AD 90, 50-60 years after he spent that key time with Jesus. So he was surely quite young in those life-changing Galilee days. It was a given for many young men to band themselves together into small guerrilla groups and hide up in the mountains on order to attack and overthrow the Roman invaders. Jesus group of youngsters had a different agenda, not overthrowing the invaders with violence, but changing the world through sacrificial love. Like Peter, these men and women were young, hopeful and longing to make their mark. And like peter they would make plenty of mistakes. Meeting Jesus meant that they would do this in a most unexpected fashion.

Years later, when Paul emailed Timothy he encouraged him with the words, ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young…’ When I was in my late teens and a new Christian, I imagined I could change the world, and soon became part of our local Youth For Christ Organisation, going out doing drama and evangelism in the streets and churches around town. It was a thrilling time in many ways, and though I did not change the world, I was changed and I hope and pray that I made some small impact on others that I met. I know I’m different now, I no longer feel bullet proof and able to conquer the world. I can understand why Jesus called youngsters, as well as the more mature, to follow him. He must have loved their drive, energy, blundering and vision. Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.

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