Monday Rewrite: The Biggest Message

Disciple Andrew wonders if Jesus has gone too far.

– Jesus, I’m a bit worried
– What about Andrew?
– I think, well I sort of… you know… wonder if… you might have well… possibly, you know, just a tad…
– Just a tad what?
– Well… been a bit too… harsh.
– Harsh?
– Yes, back there. I’m worried you might have gone too far.
– Back there?
– Yes.
– In the temple, you mean?
– Well, I’m just saying, maybe you should have just turned over a couple of chairs rather than all those tables.
– Really? You think so?
– Well, was it a bit too much?
– I had an important point to make. An old corrupt system upended. It worked for me.
– Yes, but folks might have not been so upset if you’d just raised your voice a bit and not set quite so many pigeons free.
– Yes but…
– And all the money that ended up on the floor! The merchants had to scrabble about in the dust for half an hour. Don’t you think you went too far?!
– Perhaps if I had smiled a bit more as I called them a bunch of thieves, you mean? Or perhaps given them a friendly wink? Would that have helped?
– You think so?
– No! I’m joking! Why are you so worried? That temple system is keeping people away from God, it was so supposed to draw them closer. That’s why I’ve come.
– Yes but they might not like you any more. They might not come and listen to you.
– I doubt if they liked me anyway, Andrew. I’m more concerned about the people they’re keeping away from God.
– It seems so radical.
– I am radical Andrew. I thought you would have worked that out by now.
– I’m worried about you Jesus, I’m scared you might end up getting into a lot of trouble… if you keep alienating the important people. I wouldn’t want you to end up like so many other revolutionaries.
– You mean nailed on a dark hill… delivering the biggest message of my life, with no one paying attention? Totally misunderstood?
– Well I mean won’t ever stop coming to hear you.
– Yes Andrew, sadly you will. Even you. But thanks for listening.
– What? But Lord, I’ll never give up on you…none of us will.
– Come on, we need to make plans for the Last Supper.
– The last supper. What’s that? Never heard of it.
– Oh you will Andrew, it’ll go down in history. They might even paint a picture about it. We must all remember to squash close together on one side of the table though, make it easier for the artist. Come on…

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