Monday Rewrite: The Farmer

A reading or solo mime.

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I was out a-walking, (Walk on, stop, look at audience)
Just the other day –
When I saw a man across the road, across the way. (Wave and mime raising hat)

He was looking down, well (Face drops, sigh, shake head)
He was looking bad.
He was looking like he’d lost the only friend he had. (Look round for lost friend)

He said he was the farmer, (Listen intently, nod, shake hands)
He said he was the boss.
He said he was the best sheep farmer that there was. (Look impressed)

But he’d gone an’ lost a lamb – (Jump out of the way as lamb runs past)
It had run off in the heat, (Wipe brow)
And all that was left was the droppings in the street. (Step once and check shoes)

We headed out of town, (Open door, look in, try stew with a ladle)
Checked the restaurants too;
And we looked for the joints serving up lamb stew. (Grimace and shake head)

We searched high an’ low (Search around, high and low, behind doors)
Till the day was gettin’ dark, (Narrow eyes, light a match)
And the wolves began to howl
and the dogs began to bark. (Jump with surprise at hearing the barking and howling)

And it was gettin’ scary (Back away, eyes wide)
And it was gettin’ weird – (Watch rabbits jump, bob head up and down)
When the bright eyes shone and the rabbits all appeared.

But he didn’t give up (Take a rest, lean on fence, look weary)
Not a chance, not a shot; (Move and straighten up as if nudged by farmer)
He was looking for the lamb like the only thing he got. (Look round, hand above eyes)

And at last – what a shock! (Point frantically)
Siree – what a fright (Break into a run on the spot)
When we heard this bleatin’ come a-beatin’ through the night. (Stop, listen, hand to ear)

We found this lamb just (Stoop down to look)
A-quakin’ in a rut, (Look up, lips quivering, rather moved)
With his nose all bashed and his ears all cut. (Cup hand to your ear)

And the farmer he just (Reach down, scoop up lamb)
Reached down from above (Mime hugging the lamb tight)
And he picked up the fella and he gave him a hug.

And his big old eyes (Wipe large tears away from eyes)
They filled with tears: (Get so carried away wiping eyes you drop lamb!)
He’d found his sheep and he’d lost his fears. (Hastily scoop up lamb again)

An’ as I strode home (Wave and turn to go)
I thought about the lamb (Stop. Scratch forehead, frown)
An’ I thought about the day an’ I thought about the man. (Nod to yourself)

An’ I said to myself – (Remove hat, and ruffle your hair)
As I raised my hat: (Replace hat and mime holding the lamb)
I hope somebody cares for me like that…
(Shake head, turn and walk slowly away, still hugging the lamb. Freeze or exit)

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