Film Friday: Baby Driver

Gifted getaway driver ‘Baby’ hears the world through a veil of pop music. He has tinnitus and so listens to music all day to drown out the background noise. Here he is collecting coffees for the rest of the bank robbing gang… I have to say, when you see how quickly his order comes, these seem to be the world’s speediest four coffees!

Far from cutting him off from the world, this music-fuelled existence seems to make Baby more receptive to what is going on around him, when the instructions are given for each new raid he only has to be told once and he has the full picture in his head. Just the way he is ‘wired up’ I guess.

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Baby has an unusual gift, one which the other gang members don’t always appreciate. He is also a brilliant and instinctive driver and while using this skill to drive getaway cars may not be the most advisable use of it, there’s no denying his rare talent. He is an unusual person, but then maybe we all are. Unique and different. We have much in common with one another, but we also have our own fingerprints and footsteps. And at times these may seem to set us at odds with others. In Genesis chapter 2 the writer describes the way people are made in the image of God, cherished and important. In the following chapter however we see the first folks fall out of sync with their God, their world and each other. Perhaps this is the legacy we continue to struggle with, this lack of appreciation of the uniqueness of people.We quickly judge if others are different, we easily point out ways in which they are not like us.

In Baby Driver Bats, one of the gang members, doubts Baby’s abilities and is suspicious of him, thinking him weird. There are probably times when we wish we could play at being god, making others in our own image, and perhaps this is why we are wound up when others will not fit the mould we consider to be the best and only way. I often feel a bit of a misfit, a triangular peg in an octagonal hole. And it’s easy to look at others and wish you were somehow different. And I know I’m not alone. It’s not always easy to appreciate that God has wired each of us in his image, the way he wants us to be, the way he loves dearly and cherishes. Prolific letter writer Paul draws a cartoon sketch in one of his letters, he creates a comical image of parts of a body arguing with one another, the various bits deciding they don’t need each other. But he says, ‘We are all one body, and each part is really important.’ Have a look at 1 Corinthians chapter 12, it’s a great piece of encouraging writing if you are struggling with your own unique design. ‘We are fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Psalm 139.

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