Monday Rewrite: Faces

Moses, the reluctant follower,
The one who thought his life was over,
Out there tending sheep in the desert,
Got a shock.
Went to look at a few flames and fell on his face,
The Lord was calling,
And far from being washed up,
He would confront one of the world’s supreme leaders.

Years later, his face and feet dusted with desert sand,
He would walk with his God,
In the cool of the evening as Adam had done.
Talking, listening, swapping stories,
And one such night
He asked for the impossible –
To see the face of his Friend,
The Living God.
Instead his Creator hid him behind a rock,
Covered him with his hand,
And let him see the merest glimpse.

Years later, when Moses had become
A giant of history,
We were invited to come out from our rocks,
Those places where we hide ourselves.
Like Adam and Eve.
To come out in the cool of the evening,
And the morning and any other time,
To show our faces to
One who dearly loves them.
The Living God.
To get to know him and to read his promise,
That he longs to see our faces,
And to hear our voices.
Because we are precious to him.

Song of Songs 2 v 14 & Exodus 33 vv 12-23

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