Wednesday Riff: Carrying

We carry our burdens,
Our friends, enemies, achievements and failures,
Celebrations, frustrations and disappointments;
The steps we have taken, the ground we walk on,
The dust under our nails, the lines on our faces;
The aches and pains and bruises;
The things which make us laugh and cry,
The jokes, the comments, the silences, the shouting,
The money we spend and the clothes we wear.
We carry our doubts, our fears and wondering,
Our nightmares, and daydreams,
Our goals and aspirations;
We carry our history, and our tomorrows,
The known and the unknown,
The ‘what was and what might just be’.
And we carry each other.

He carries that cross, hauls it up that hill,
The ills, pains, sorrows and scars,
Carries it to death.
Through every midnight, every final moment,
And on into every new dawn.
He carries the depth of understanding,
Of life in all its colours, the shades of our hurt,
And each bright, rising sunrise of hope.

He carries us,
When the burdens are too much,
When the weight overwhelms us.
He carries us,
Through the strength of others,
The words, actions, smiles and tears
Of those who listen, help, sit and stand
With us,
As we carry on.


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