Film Friday: The Mountain Between Us

Ben and Alex are a couple of strangers whose flights are cancelled due to an impending storm, so they join forces to hire a small aircraft to get home. However, not long after take-off the plane crashes in the mountains and they find themselves stranded in the snow. What’s more Alex is seriously injured with a broken leg.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Ben is a doctor and on two occasions saves the life of Alex as they battle to find help and get to safety. Will they survive? Can they keep going? This is an epic journey which will draw the two of them very close indeed. They need each other to survive. Alex is open about her fears, but Ben is more circumspect, reluctant to admit his terror.

This is a film to make you feel cold! With snow as far as the eye can see and Ben and Alex wrapped up to the nines you’d be forgiven for shivering a little. As we head into winter we’ll soon be remembering and celebrating another couple who undertook an epic journey, this one from Nazareth to Bethlehem, then to Egypt, Jerusalem and back to Nazareth. They faced danger, threat and death. And Mary gave birth along the way. She and Joseph risked everything to become the parents of Jesus. When Joseph is called to Bethlehem because of a Roman census he takes the heavily pregnant Mary with him, fearing that she might be ill-treated or even attacked if he leaves her in Nazareth. Then, after the baby is born, the two have to flee to Egypt as king Herod puts out a death threat on the new child. A cosy snowman Christmas this is not. This is a festive tale with guts, courage and a sense of the eternal. Mary and Joseph’s love must surely have been tested to its limits, and most likely deepened, as they face hardship together, doing everything possible to protect the life of their precious new son. It’s easy to sentimentalise Christmas, and I confess that I love all the shiny happy trimmings, but like The Mountain Between Us this is about something more gritty, something powerful. A transformation that not only happens to Mary and Joseph, but to the rest of us, as we encounter the baby they fought so hard to protect.

A little P.S. It’s easy to forget that Mary’s epic Christmas journey began almost 9 months ago; her Advent experience was 3 seasons long. I’ve realised this year the encouraging kindness of God to her, when the angel told Mary that her older cousin Liz was pregnant too. A sign to Mary that God really was in this doing the impossible. Mary could go and visit Elizabeth to see for herself that what the angel said was true, and not only that, but find a soul mate who was going through a very similar experience.

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