Monday Rewrite: Packed Lunch

He knows they’ll need something for the journey. The road is hard out there, the weather can be unkind, and as for some of the fellow travellers…well. He knows they will need strength, need nourishment. He looks at the faces, all different. Some intently earnest, some creased with worry, others full of laughter lines. Some ponder quietly, some can’t stop talking. Some feel like world changers, others can barely decide what to have for lunch. He needs them all, and he wants to encourage them to take one step at a time. One day at a time. One rung of the ladder.

And so he  calls them to order, stops them chewing and jawing for a moment. He reaches out. Takes a chunk of bread, smells it, rips it into smaller hunks. Lifts a cup of wine. Looks up, prays for a moment. Then he eats and drinks and he passes it on. ‘Take it, eat it, drink and keep on doing this together.’

A packed lunch, a mobile meal. Nourishment for the journey. A reminder of what he has done for the world, and that we don’t walk alone. That he is with us. And always will be.

Luke 22 vv 14-20

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