Monday Rewrite: Two Sisters

Drawing on John 11 vv 20-29

Two sisters trapped in a painful wilderness,
There was a brother too but he has gone,
That’s why they are in this wilderness.
Those two sisters react quite differently –
One rushes to God and demands answers,
Cries out for action,
And speaks of her broken dreams.
The other hides away,
Buries herself,
Unable to deal with the weight of her disappointment.

Sadness is a shared language,
Disappointment is a dialect we can all speak.
When trouble comes
Some of us run to God, calling as we go,
Some hide away, unable to deal with the contradictions,
Pushing away the God we struggle to understand.

But Jesus meets both sisters,
Invites them both to talk,
To spend time honestly pouring out
Their pain and sorrow and trouble.
And he weeps with them –
Feeling the loss, sharing their grief
And their fear and frustration.
The man who knows the wilderness,
Who himself faced death and pain and loss,
Offers us the hope and comfort
Of his compassionate presence.

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