Monday Rewrite: Identity

The Lord spoke to Abram and Sarai
And he changed their names,
Seeing a new man, and a new woman,
Seeing the people he had created,
Seeing beyond the front and limitations,
Seeing new people, with a new start.
Not those shaped and profiled by this present world
But those he loved and cared for,
Those for whom he had a plan and future.

Lord, please remind us that we are made in your image,
Not in the image of this world,
Not dependant on advertising or public profiles,
But dependent upon you;
And upon the future and the hope that you have for us.
Help us to hear your voice in the everyday things
To know your presence with us,
And to follow those divine nudges, even if at times,
Like Abraham and Sarah, it feels as if the future is a little unknown.
Remind us please that we walk into it
With you.

Drawing on Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16

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