Monday Rewrite: Exuberant

And so the list begins.
A way of life, a way of respect,
A code of honour and health.
Yet more – a description
Of the God they serve,
The God they are just beginning
To get to know.
A detailed picture of what matters to the One
Who matters so much.
The God who values worship,
Family, life, creativity, kindness, justice,
Friendship, loyalty, truth and compassion.
Not merely a set of rules,
But a tapestry,
A picture that beckons,
Invites them to immerse themselves,
Calls them to plunge into the valuable
Nature of the God
Who made all these things.
Save us Lord, we cry,
From reducing these down
To a list of dos and don’ts.
Let us not miss the person you are
The exuberant, vital Creator,
Who values, life, love,
Kindness and freedom.

Drawing on Exodus 20 and the Ten Commandments

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