Monday Rewrite: Psalm 51 Revisited

A prayer based on Psalm 51:1-12

Dear Lord,
Life ambushes us,
It’s the nature of things.
This broken world side-tracks and distracts us,
It is full of traps, temptations and terrors,
And we fall at times,
Frequently, daily, sometimes hour by hour.
It’s the nature of us.
We are flawed, fragile, frantic beings,
Hungry for satisfaction, for a quick fix, for an escape.

Have mercy on us, O God, according to your extraordinary love;
According to your kindness, compassion and crucified grace.
Please deal with our wrongdoing,
Remove the stains, heal the past, and lift the guilt.
We offer you all that we are – our mistakes, our falling short, our regrets,
Our strengths and weaknesses, disasters and triumphs.
Our moments of following you, and our moments of meandering.
We are wayward people, but because of you, we are not lost,
Forgiveness is possible, hope is on the agenda,
And a fresh start is offered to us, each minute, each hour, each day.
Because of you, because of your love, and because of all you have done.
Thank you so much,
In the name of your compassionate, courageous son,

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