Wednesday Riff: Nest

The mother nudges her young to the ledge,
They both look out and over the edge,
Eases the child just a little more,
It’s a long way down, but there’s room to soar.
One last glance in the youngster’s eyes,
A nod and a shove and the ground starts to rise.
The young eagle catches its breath,
If it doesn’t fly soon there’s nothing but death.
Not a moment too late, help is at hand,
The mother slips between the bird and the land.
Catches her child, only wants the best,
Saves her from crashing, takes her back to the nest.
Saves her from doom, then shoves her out again,
Begins the learning process all over again.
This must go on and the mother knows why,
Leaving the nest and learning to fly.
Deuteronomy 32 v 11

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