Wednesday Riff: Clouds

I watch the casually drifting clouds,
Making their gentle way across the blotting paper sky,
No rush hour for them,
No pressured race to get from A to B,
No traffic jam or clock watching,
Or lurking deadlines.
Definitely going somewhere,
But in no desperate hurry.
And I’m reminded of the slow moving
Work of God in our lives.
I want to rush it at times,
To get results,
To feel the surge of success,
To match up to the standards I set myself.
But God is not a business manager,
Or a fitness trainer,
Or a quality control inspector.
And what he considers achievement,
Is not what others might consider to be so.
Winning, triumph and glory
Are another story to him.
And with glorious irony
Just stopping to watch these trundling clouds,
Slows me down and
Makes me pause and appreciate
The One who made them.

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