Film Friday: The Circle

When Mae joins The Circle, a giant, global social media company, she is drawn into an experiment, where she will wear a camera all through the day and be totally transparent to everyone who is signed up to The Circle. Knowing is good, knowing everything is better, so the mantra at the circle goes, and the bright-eyed optimistic employees regularly applaud the notion. But Mae’s decision affects others too, her family and friends, and does not necessarily benefit everyone. In this clip, the company boss, Bailey, explains his belief that people can solve all the world’s problems.

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If only it were possible for everyone to behave properly, maximise their gifts and care relentlessly for the world and others. But there is a big problem. Selfishness. As much as the bosses want to maximise their social media toys, it becomes obvious that they do not necessarily want to join the experiment themselves. Centuries ago people were offered the chance to become like God, and the result was disastrous. The deception continues. If only we were better, if we only we were good enough, all the world’s problems would go away. But it’s clear from the age we live in that, as one problem is solved, two more rear their heads. The world needs more than people trying to fulfil their potential. It needs outside help.

And this is why Easter is so much more important than chicks, bunnies and chocolate eggs.

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Suppose the purpose of life was not merely to be good or better people, to fulfil potential, but to know the one who began it. To begin a quest that will last forever, beyond the confines of this 3D world. ‘I have come to bring you the fullest kind of life,’ said the carpenter who died on two bits of wood. And just when that dying looked like a disappointing end he returned clutching full life in his hands and with the kind of generous heart that meant he wanted to offer it to others. The offer goes on, those two bits of wood cast an eternal shadow, and the resurrected carpenter still has a generous heart.

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