Monday Rewrite: Fish and Fig Sarnies

‘Right, listen up,’ says Peter to the assembled bunch of perfect, 1st century, post-Day of Pentecost disciples, ‘you know this perfect 1st Century, post-Day of Pentecost church we go to? Well, there are rumblings of discontent. We’re getting it wrong. No James, it’s no good saying it’s that lot over there. It’s us, we’re getting it wrong, we’re not looking after each other. No Phil, we don’t need another rousing, triumphant chorus to drown out the discontent. We need to get organised. There are some folks amongst us who need help. And just because they don’t have our background, and speak another language, it doesn’t let us off the hook. They’re going hungry. No Bart. It won’t help if we hold another ‘How to walk on water’ seminar. What we need are some really spiritual, hot-to-trot Saints who will roll up their sleeves, cut up some fig and fish sarnies, and start a feeding program. I don’t need to wait on the Lord for confirmation Simon, we’ve had confirmation. People are in need. That’s the clue. Well, yes, we could lay out an empty Kingsmill packet, Nat, and see if it’s covered in dew in the morning, while the rest of the ground is dry, but while we’re waiting the bellies of Greek-speaking children are crying out against us. Put your hand down Phil I don’t need more spiritual suggestions. I said, put your… What? Oh! You’re volunteering? Oh well, brilliant! Now that is the sort of spiritual suggestion we need. Good lad. And Stephen, you as well, yea? You two. Boom! Now we’re getting somewhere. No James I don’t think we need to go and punch out the lights of the Pharisees for not doing more to help. We need to help. Come on you lot, who else is up for being really spiritual? Line up, and we’ll pray for you, as you do this really vital brilliant job for God. Well done!’

Acts 6 vv 1-7

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