Monday Rewrite: Here Again – A Confession

We are here again Lord,
With our memories and recollections of last week.
Our mistakes, problems, fears and regrets,
Hopes, victories, achievements and meanderings.
It’s who we are,
Frail, vulnerable, flawed.
Good at some things, bad at others.
Help us please, to be honest with you now,
And to be honest with ourselves,
To offer all that we are to all that you are.
To rediscover forgiveness and kindness,
Your ways, your acceptance, your help.
We’re sorry that we keep getting some things wrong,
And we are so grateful for your son,
His life, death, sacrifice and resurrection
And the mysterious way that we can find
Hope and forgiveness in him.
We are not the best people,
Yet we are the people you want.
We offer ourselves to you again,
All that was last week,
And the blank canvass of this coming week,
In love and trust and hope,

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