Monday Rewrite: Making Way

Doesn’t look very spiritual or seem very holy. There’s sweat and dust and grim, grunting and huffing. There are toes stubbed and fingers trapped. The older ones have to stop and lean on the furniture every so often to get their breath back and stretch aching muscles. On and on they go. Days of it. The band of brothers shift and carry and re arrange. Sort and remove. They’re on a mission. A mission that will affect far more than them. The people are coming back to life, the king has his heart in the right place. And that means a clear out. Letting the light back into the place. Unlocking the gates and preparing for the presence of God. They sweep and clean and get into those dark corners. The place has been shut up for too long. They’ve been shut up for too long. Now the old has been chucked out, space has been made for their God to work. To cleanse and forgive and refresh and renew. This labour is not in vain. They’re making way, flinging wide the doors, and God is on the move.

2 Chronicles 29 vv 1-17

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