Monday Rewrite: Two Men

One night two men met as they wandered through heaven.
‘I used to dream a lot,’ one said.
‘So did I,’ said the other.
‘And I went to Egypt once,’ one said.
‘So did I,’ said the other.
‘I feared for my life,’ one said.
‘So did I,’ said the other.
‘Things looked bleak for a while,’ said one.
‘You’re telling me!’ said the other.
‘But you know,’ said one, ‘what people intended for harm, God turned around and used for good.’
‘I quite agree,’ said the other.
‘I became Prime Minister of Egypt,’ said one. ‘I rescued a lot of people from famine. From death.’
‘I didn’t,’ said the other, ‘I was a carpenter.’
‘Well,’ said one, ‘I guess you made a lot of useful things.’
‘Yes. And I did my best to raise the saviour of the universe. He rescued a lot of people from all kinds of things. Still does.’
‘Really? My name’s Joe,’ said one, holding out his hand.
‘Me too,’ said the other.
And they shook hands and talked for quite a while.

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