Wednesday Riff: Someone in the Crowd

Someone in the crowd,
So many times we feel the noise is just too loud,
Life’s pressures and the clamouring of sound,
Drown out the one voice who can make us feel so much more
Than just someone in the crowd.

Someone in the crowd,
With the painted masks we so regularly wear,
And the faces we so lovingly prepare,
The rocks we hide behind and the fig leaves we do not dare
Let go of, because it’s too risky to be found.

Someone in the crowd,
Cries for peace and love yet does not make a sound,
The longings hidden so that they might not be found.
We dare not show that we are weak and often cowed,
And so we wear the clothes of someone strong and proud.
Blending in so we’re like someone the crowd.

Someone in the crowd
Looks so normal, like he’s merely hanging round,
Became one of us that we might each be found,
In the Easter love he lived and the life he spread around,
The brightest ever son, looking so much like any other one,
Just like Someone in the crowd.

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