Wednesday Riff: These Resurrection Days

Joseph met his brothers, in Egyptian clothes and hair,
After years of separation they could not see him there.
He took the chance to trick them, set some traps along the way,
To see if they had changed, since that brother-selling day.
Two on a road and seven on the sea,
Bumped into a stranger, looking just like you or me.
Couldn’t see him there, the one who turned back time,
Spent his life living for others and dying for our crime.
Mary in a garden, standing near a grave,
Could only see a gardener, not a man who’d come to save.
Not always easy to see you, in these resurrection days,
To sense you close to us, through life’s distracting haze.
But you will never trick us, or lead us astray,
So Lord, please,
Quicken our senses to your presence with us today.

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